Bookmark Origin - Remembering Chris

Don found this poem in a banking magazine some years prior to Chris’ accident. He had clipped it, saved it, and somehow remembered he had it. It was read by the minister at Chris’ memorial service and was a fitting tribute to how Chris had touched so many people and made the most of his short life.

Chris’ classmates decided to raise money for the scholarship fund which Don, I, and Kory started in Chris’ memory. The students discussed ideas with the administrators of the high school and finally decided to have wristbands made up to sell, the profits of which would be given to the fund.

Instead of just placing Chris’ name on the bands, they remembered the poem and created the motto, “LIVE YOUR DASH,” as a reminder to all who wear the band. (That motto also became the motto of the graduating class of 2007 and was included in the school’s yearbook.) Chris’ initials are also on each band.

A copy of the poem was put onto bookmarks which were given out with each band (printing and paper were donated by the company for which Chris’ best friend’s mother works). The students raised over $6,000 for the scholarship fund from their sale.

In June 2007, we were able to give each of six students (from Chris’ class) a check for $1,000 towards their college or university tuition costs from the Christopher Kiefer Memorial Scholarship Fund. We know Chris would have been very proud of all of them for their plans to continue on to college or university.