Story of Wristband

Chris attended Southmoreland Senior High School in Alverton, PA. He was one of 175 members of the senior (12th grade) class and should have graduated in June of 2007. When news of his accident spread throughout the community on the night of 16 November, 2006, his classmates were devastated. A few weeks later when they heard that we had begun a memorial scholarship fund in his honor, they decided to raise money to help with that fund.

The poem (The Dash) engraved on the bookmark was one that his father had found in a banking publication several years ago and had cut it out and put it in his files. He pulled it out and showed me, and we decided that it should be read by the minister at his memorial service. Because so many of his friends attended that service, they chose the motto, “LIVE YOUR DASH,” to be placed on a white polypropylene wristband which would be sold to raise money for the scholarship fund.